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Bus Urbano
Design platform for mass transit

Chair: Product Design IV
Director: D. I. Camilo Gavilanez
designers: Andres Balarezo, Marco Chacon, Diego Chico, Martin Hidalgo, Diego López, Galo Martínez, Ana Cristina Paredes, Jonnathan Salazar and David Vasquez.
Project Type: Innovation

“The horse will remain
because the car is no more
a novelty no future” (H.Ford)

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In any urban environment, transportation is -and has been- cornerstone for the mobility of people. In places like Latin American cities the concept of urban transport, public or private, It has been synonymous with poor service, in some chaotic moments and other even dangerous. Nevertheless, in the last decade, with the search for improvement, from the government, in services there have been changes at different levels of the transport system.

From infrastructure, vehicles, workers to the laws have been updated in for- ma or background to propose a new vision on how to systemize to achieve efficiency and effectiveness. These reasons imply that the planned system should raise concepts which underpin the concept of design and operation.

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Although the number of buses available to the public transportation system, It has not been able to develop adequate enough for the user unit; in most units you can find common problems such as lack of a study of ergonomics in each of their areas, user interface scarce, Cleaning and hygiene and safety.

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  • Develop a mass transit platform based on user comfort.
  • Elevate the importance of user interface with each of the internal elements of the bus.
  • Develop an adequate distribution of seats that favors human relations.
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  • Create an environment that generates feelings of comfort for the user.
  • Maintain a subtle order of elements such as seats, handles, railing, doors and windows in order to achieve an innovative internal space.
  • The usability of the vehicle is vital and for this reason every detail as support handles, areas for disabled or location of the doors must have relevant materials and locations.