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Our reason for being is students.

Academic excellence
is enriched with the
use and application of technology.

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The Instituto Metropolitano de Diseño , born in Quito, Ecuador in 1985, responding to the demand for specialties in different production areas of the domestic market. It was founded by visionary people, from their experience in various countries, they understand the teaching and development of design like the future.

In this city, diverse and thriving, exploits a new way of teaching and learning design: peculiar disciplines are focused in the industry, an own design that adapts and understand the needs of a market in plane evolution.

Over time the Metro® builds relations with the graphic and multimedia industry that positioned its as a quarry of the best talent in society. Our realtionship with several education institutions in design worldwide allow you to organize an educational discipline program based , from the beginning, in high technology and the development of professional skills of students.

Today, our legacy continues thanks to the selection of the best local and international talent, teachers and experienced professionals that are focused on an education in free design, cosmopolitan and updated in the global culture.

La Metro® has been a place of cultural synergic expression that supports and contributes the growth of this discipline in Ecuador . Creativity is freedom, and the respect for differences is the basis for building an extreme passion for good work. The future is encouraging because, for us, design is and will be a source of innovation.

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Among the features that give identity to the Metro®, one of the most important is the search for truth and excellence in its various programs , as well as an academic and intellectual production enriched by its nature of technological institution and its vocation for public service and commitment with the country's development from design and its different disciplines.

Our philosophy is based on meaningful learning and skills training, that has motivated and trained professors, with didactic and technological resources and with support services that monitoring their students, to meet the needs and requirements of Ecuador and the World.

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