Design research

Department of Design research |

M.Sc. Jorge Valverde

Design research
is where the method and the process
find each other.

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General information

It is an academic unit specializing in designing policies, programs and projects in the area of ​​research and technology transfer related to design. It promotes and consolidates a culture of design research, through generating, transfering, disseminating and the application of knowledge.

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Specific activities

  • Design policies and research programs and technology transfer, according to the policies adopted by the Institute.
  • Standardize methodological processes for the development of applied research and technology transfer.
  • Foster and create spaces for the promotion and search of financing of institutional research projects.
  • Integrating the Academic Department and commissions for which it is designated.
  • To plan, manage and execute research projects and technology transfer.
  • Appoint commissions for the study and development of projects.
  • Supervise the work of research groups.
  • Maintaining relationships with public and private entities related to research and projects.
    Manage agreements and strategic alliances with public and private institutions for the development and implementation of research projects.
  • Direct the preparation of the Annual Plan of Activities, budgets and other issues related to the Research and Technology.
  • Filter, check, cataloging and understand all information that is developed or compiled at the Center.
  • Filter, approve, organize and plan the projects proposed by the coordinators of the disciplines or students.
  • Be the representative, if necessary, Institutional events, fairs, congresses inherent Design Research Center and the Research Areas established.
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