Manual de Lettering

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Manual de Lettering
Illustrated typography and graphic expression

Final Academic Project: Graphic design
Director: D.G. Carla Wirth
designers: Lizeth Jury
Project Type: Innovation

The lettering shows
the expressiveness of the characters
a graphic work

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The pages of this book are devoted to the construction of Lettering. This typeface illustrated shows the expressiveness of the characters in the graphic works and communication messages. From a technical perspective this book addresses the structure calligraphy and typography.

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The lack of research in the creative process does not allow generating expressive typography. Not taken into account variables such as directionality, contrast, tonalities, among others and it has not been taken to the field of illustration, as it proposed in this project.

Expressiveness contributes to building semiotic meanings, that is to say, through building symbols, signs, relationships with each other and rhetorical resources can strengthen the communication and cultural value of the characters. Typography reaches high levels of expression when working with a technical and investigative support.

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Generate expressive typography for fotalecer graphic discourse through lettering techniques involving wildlife Pichincha and calligraphic typeface.

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  • Generating a relationship between species and selected fonts through investigative techniques representation method and calligraphic.
  • Generate graphical methods for making lettering based wildlife Pichincha and calligraphic typefaces.
  • Generate a constructive manual lettering and applications for graphic design students in the experimental calligraphy.
  • Sensitize the inhabitants of the Metropolitan District of Quito on what are the endangered species of the area through posters generated with experimental typography.