Mission and vision

Mission and Vision |

The Metro® is a place of synergistic expression

Understand design
as a change agent.

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Being one of the leading actors in Ecuador's development, from the field of higher education, that contributes to the solution of national problems in a global context, from a conception of social responsibility and sustainable human development.

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Contribute to dialogue and transfer of knowledge , between science, the technique and culture towards the search for truth, thus contributing to the formation and development of socially responsible people, visionaries, entrepreneurial and democratic, in a creative dialogue with the globalized world of work and technology..

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Strategic direction

  • Orientation towards innovation: The commitment to incorporate new procedures to improve the practice and the results of its essentials activities , primarily the generation and transmission of knowledge.
  • Orientation towards the environment: It is specified in the way to establish a symbiosis between the Institution and the society of which it forms part of, so that it is established between both constant feedback and a mutual exchange of needs and results.
  • People orientation: It translates into policies that tend to enhance their human resources through actions that favors use of information and knowledge between them. The collaboration supports a better integration of the people in the organization.
  • Action toward orientation: It expresses the way to guide all management towards the development and promotion of the necessary skills among its members to assume the continuing social and technological changes and new opportunities.
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Corporate values

  • Academic excellence.
  • Creativity and innovation.
  • Social responsability.
  • Freedom and Pluralism.
  • Integrity and Honesty.
  • Entrepreneurship
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