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Metro® promotes the Internationalization of knowledge

We give to our community
the possibility of
academic improvement

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Palermo University

The Instituto Metropolitano de Diseño® is in a stage of continuous improvement of its processes, recognized in connection with the University of Palermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, an important factor collective and individual development.

The Metro® under its Academic Development Design and Communication Program offers to students and professors, both Master's and Doctoral Degrees in Design.

Why in the UP®?
The University of Palermo has been selected, by the firm QS (Quacquarelli Symonds), as the best university in Design, the best private university in Argentina and is also considered the top of 500 worldwide.

Academic productivity, according to international standards, the reflection in the fields making, the dissemination of knowledge, production and how they flow through the world and are taken by reference by those who are working make this university a benchmark for the region, a development on the continent and a major actor worldwide.

Studying and living in Buenos Aires
…the wide and varied cultural offerings of Buenos Aires positively affects such assessments. It is that cinematic billboards and porteña theaters are compared to the metropolises of New York and London. In relation to the Off Theater, business environment and critics agree that the Argentinan Capital is unique… (Keep reading, reference from University of Palermo).

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BACHELOR CYCLE (Compact-intensive)

The agreement is effective from 2012 with 68 graduates at the moment and the next group, the ninth, will begin in February 2017.

This curriculum is aimed at all graduate students in our institution in any specialty.

It is made up of two phases: (2) A six (6) weeks duration plus the graduation project (Regular schedule 8:00 to 18:30). It's open from February to July.

Inscriptions until October 2016

  • Enrollment date (for only this cycle): 540 USD.
  • Tuition: Please refer to the current value.
  • Application degree: 200 USD.

More information: 02.2566.331 or

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Master cycle, under La Metro® agreement – UP®, It has a duration of three (3) phases plus thesis. This program is valid for teachers, undergraduate students and students of the institution.

More information: 02.2566.331 or

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Doctorate cycle, under La Metro® agreement – UP®, it has special conditions.

Contact us for more information, program costs and benefits.

Left Lic. Oscar Echevarría (Dean of the Faculty of Design and Communication) and right Mgs. Hugo Carrera (Rector)

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The agreement has been updated since 2016 and it has included new areas of cooperation and development, among them: access to library and publishing background, curriculum development and methodological guidance, pedagogical model, study program of differents careers in design, investigation, publications and disciplinary upgrading.

This agreement has been updated since July 2016 it extends to the entire community of the institute and will run for the next 3 years.